"I'ts so simple,no more bottles of water"

"We no longer have to but those big, heavy bottles and no more deliveries, how good is that."

"We realised for price of buying a 1 litre bottle of water from the supermarket each week we could enjoy unlimited filtered water on tap in our home - great saving for the family."

"Whether we want a cold water or a quick cup of tea our Aquafilter floor standing unit gives us the best of both worlds."

"Gone are the days of empty water bottles in the fridge with our floor standing Aquafilter we have cold purified water on tap."


"It's never been easier to get the kids to drink water! We love how they help themselves to the Aquafilter dispenser"

“Water is so good for us!”

We all know that we should drink more water every day - now there is an easy way to enjoy the taste and health benefits of filtered water with Aquafilter's system.